Aviator sunglasses Ray Ban

Aviator sunglasses Ray Ban

Some words about aviator sunglasses Ray Ban

Classic aviator sunglasses Ray Ban should have every modern and self-confident person. Ray Ban sunglasses are manufactured in a wide variety of models and shapes, and therefore each person will be able to pick up something for themselves.

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How to distinguish original aviator sunglasses Ray Ban from forgery

Real aviator sunglasses Ray Ban from forgery are easy to distinguish. It is necessary to carefully inspect the glasses and know the main distinctive features of this manufacturer. First, you need to pay special attention to the placement of the company logo. Ray-Ban wayfarer always puts his logo on the left lens. Apply it usually to either the outer side or the inside of the lens.

Now pay attention to the right side of the aviator sunglasses Ray Ban. On the inside of the right-hand arch, the manufacturer always applies the article number of the model (RB3025 001 / 3F), you can also meet the name of the collection on some models, but its presence is not necessary. Next in this line is written the size of the lenses and the bridge of the nose, as well as information about how much the aviator sunglasses Ray Ban are darkened. For each degree of dimming, there is a number (for example, 2N)

Ray Ban frames are made of high-quality materials; they are reliable, practical, convenient to use and perfectly cope with the function of protecting the eyes from harmful solar radiation. aviator sunglasses Ray Ban come in four colors: yellow, pink, gray-green and brown. High-contrast green lenses provide the most natural perception of colors, while brown ones virtually neutralize the blue and violet spectrum of the sun rays. At us you will find proprietary sun-protection optics with any color of lenses and design of a frame.